Green Guard Carpet Protectant – The worlds first EPA approved carpet protectant that is certified by the Design for the Environment program (DfE).  Always Green Clean is proud to announce we are the first company in the Sacramento and Vacaville area to be an approved service provider to offer this unique warranty.

Question:  Should you use protectant after your professional cleaning?

Answer:  Not all carpet is a good candidate for adding protectant.  Heavily worn carpet that is near the end of life would not benefit from the addition of protectant.  However, for good health throughout your home a professional cleaning will still benefit your home and family even if your carpet is heavily worn.  Well maintained carpet that you would like to last longer and look better for longer periods of time is the perfect candidate!  Oh, not to mention how much easier it is for you to maintain throughout the year…..and we all like that added benefit!!

Question:  How does the warranty work?

Answer:  It’s simple!  Just have any of our highly trained technician’s apply the Green Guard protectant to your desired areas.  You will be given a FREE bottle of spot remover that will remove 95% of typical household spots.  If you are unable to remove the problem spot then just give us a call and we will come out free of charge and attempt to remove it using the most appropriate product for your spot.  Yes…..we are serious, we will come out for FREE!

Question:  Does it work?

Answer:  Of course! Otherwise we wouldn’t offer it. Rather than explaining how it works why don’t you just watch this short video.

So what do you think?

Green Guard Carpet Protectant is Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, pet safe, baby safe, skin safe, and helps offer you an added peace of mind.

Vacuum Easier

Green Guard carpet protectant creates an invisible shield, which allows you to vacuum soil away more easily. Proper vacuuming is crucial because it helps remove abrasive dirt particles, which can make your carpet look dull and dingy. This every day soil can actually shorten the life of your carpet.

Spill Something? Not to worry!

Green Guard carpet protectant provides you with a “window of opportunity” to remove common household stains. Carpets that are unprotected can absorb spills so quickly that even your best efforts to remove them are a wasted effort. Our carpet protectant creates an invisible barrier, which will help keep stains (like kool aid) from becoming a permanent part of the carpet fibers. Keep in mind…..NO carpet is bulletproof, carpet protectant just gives you a better chance of success! Plus, did we tell you how it’s easier to maintain yet??

Always Green Clean will warranty your Green Guard carpet protectant to resist spots and spills when following our directions and using your free of charge Responsible Care Spotter to clean and remove spills. If you can’t clean a spot we will clean it for you at no additional charge.

We know you take pride in the appearance of your home and want to protect your investment. Your carpet is such an important addition to your home. It’s color, style, condition, and cleanliness reflects upon you as an individual. Let our Green Guard protectant help you maintain the beauty and health of your carpet. So the next time we are cleaning your carpets don’t forget to add the Green Guard protectant and immediately be enrolled in the Always Green Clean spot warranty.

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